QUEERDOS is a transdisciplinary social impact association focusing on initiating discourses and dialogues in the frame of an LGBTQIA+ narrative. We engage and sustain theatrical work with an emphasis on the creative process as a community outreach tool. 


The QUEERDOS ensemble is a family of multi-talented artists that includes actors, designers, directors, composers, playwrights, poets, musicians and technicians. Our team has been creating, devising, and crafting performances together since 2018! Our ensemble’s diversity of skills, gender identity, and life experience informs and enriches our work. Some of us work full-time as artists. Some of us are teachers. Some of us are activists. We are queer, feminists and migrants. We range in age from 18-60. We are united in our commitment to the creation of work that helps change our surroundings.


We want to foster and support LGBTQIA+ artists and find ways to  promote acceptance and understanding on a broader scale; to utilize its great potential for impact. We want to expand representation of LGBTQIA+ stories in theatre and performance art, created by and for our communities. We want to create long term partnerships with other associations

We create and stage performative events based on queer themes with Berlin based queer performers. We organise workshops offering participants artistic and social justice training and access to professional mentorship from LGBTQIA+ artists and activists. We sustain grassroots partnerships in social change movements.


Diversity: representing the entire spectrum of LGBTQIA+
Inclusion: generate space for queer voices to be heard
Awareness: educate about queerness 

Equality: answering to oppressive circumstances
Support: develop network for queer artists
Empowerment: provide tools for self esteem/expression
Research: evolve through new ways of expression

Transformation: engage in critical thinking through theatre and performance





Our stories are interwoven. We are not alone.

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