Queerdos e.V. is a transdisciplinary performative ensemble comprised of 10 fixed members working in front and behind stage focusing on initiating discourses and dialogues in the frame of an LGBTQIA+ narrative.
Our performances and workshops aim to give voice to communities often under-represented and overlooked, including but not limited to persons of trans* and/or gender-non-conforming experience.
 We started out in April 2018 as a curated queer spoken-word event in small venues across Berlin and have since showcased 40 Berlin based queer performance artists.

Since April 2019 we have been working as a fixed ensemble featuring guest performers. We are committed to developing a hybrid performance style with both theatre and spoken-word performance elements.

By engaging in theatrical work using mainly spoken word with various artists belonging to queer minorities in Berlin and other cities where queer politics are often ignored or looked down upon, we hope to promote acceptance and understanding on a larger scale; to utilize its great potential for impact.


CATALIN JUGRAVU artistic director/performer
PINKY ZIMMERMANN managing director/costume designer


ALICE DANGER performer/writer
LUQUA BERTINI set designer
TOM SCHWARTZ technical manager/sound designer

BOGDAN GEORGESCU playwright/director/performer

JENNY BROWNE writer/performer


IXA REDPILL performer

ANDREI RAICU sound designer

SAJAD AL-GASSANI direction assistant/tech supporter

LINARDS KULLESS visual artist/video mapper

Web design: Petros Mandalos, Photos: Roni Lugassi, River Hughes, Tegwen Evans, Cristian Cevasco